Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sequential Spelling

We have finally unlocked a door!!!!!

I cannot express to you, how thankful I am to finding Sequential Spelling, from  http://www.avko.org/ 

My son who is dyslexic, really is struggling with reading. He can read, but he is below grade level. Not for lack of effort. On his part and on our ours. However, he still felt like he was unable to ever conquer reading. Now, after Sequential Spelling, he has finally started having a love and an interest in words! Praise the Lord!  I am so thankful. I highly reccomend this program, TOS bookstore sells their stuff as well! I also reccomend the book they put out called To Teach a Dyslexic, by Don McCabe. He is a dyslexic, and it really was eye opening!


  1. Welcome to Homeschool Blogger! :)

  2. Thanks! I am looking forward to learning how to do all the jazzy stuff I see. BTW, I checked out your site, and it looks great!