Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Teen Camp 2009

Teen Camp 2009



Three of my children, the 3 in the middle, have gone to teen camp this week. I am so thankful they have had the opportunity to go. They have worked hard for several months to help pay for teen camp. You see, back in December, my husband was one of the many of thousands of people who lost ther job. While he has since found employment, we are making about 80% of what we were making. So sending the children to camp was a prayer!!! We all know that if they attended camp this year, it would be through hard work, and lots of prayer. 

The Lord provided in many awesome ways!! The children sold discount cards, as many of the teens did at church. One son works assisting in a homeschool PE class, both boys are mowing lawns, other than our own and getting paid for that. They took care of and took back all of our recyclying and made a good chunk of change. There was also birthday money that was used. And daddy was even to help kick in a bit.

Thie kids are so unbelievably grateful! Our prayer for them, is that while the will enjoy themselves with all of the fellowship with their friends. We long for their hearts to remain open and ready to receive God's Word. And that they would respond to what the Lord wants to do in them!

Would you help us pray for this for our children?

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