Monday, December 21, 2009

ACT Explore and Plan

As a mom of kids with special needs, all the tests that high-schoolers take to prepare for their future have seemed so far away and out of reach. And in all honesty for some of my students, they simply will not be a part of their lives.

Even my son who does not have learning disabilities, I was not even thinking about college prep testing. He knows what he wants to be, he is going to be a missionary. He is headed for bible college. So we are not doing these sorts of tests to try to get him into an ivy league school. This does not mean we do not want to give him a good academic education. We do.

As a member of The Homeschool Crew we were sent a packet from ACT Advantage that included, The Explore and Plan homeschool packets which have the following items; Testing booklets titled 'Sample Test Booklet and Answer Sheet, Using your Explore/Plan results brochure- a brief overview of score results and the process.and College Readiness Standards handbook that provides ideas for progress in each subject to prepare students for college or the workforce.

Earlier this school year we received access to Discover their online career planning tool. You can read my review for that product here.

EXPLORE is designed for 8th-9th graders and it measures their skills and knowledge and can be used to prepare them for the ACT test. It covers, English, Math, Reading and Science.

I used this test with my 9th grader. It was helpful to pinpoint areas of weakness that we can spend more time.

PLAN is a measurement tool that provides a midpoint review of 10th graders progress toward college and workforce readiness when there is still time to make adjustments.  It also covers the 4 core subjects, English, Math, Reading and Science.

I used this with my 10th grader and it was equally helpful for my 10th grader as EXPLORE was for my 9th grader.

These plans are relatively inexpensive. If you are wanting, or needing to really pinpoint what your jr high/ high schooler is needing work in, this test kit can help you do that.

Each packet is available for $22.95 which includes the appropriate test booklet, The College Readiness Standards handbook and the Using your EXPLORE/PLAN results brochure.

Please visit the crew blog to see what my crew mates think about this product!

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