Tuesday, January 11, 2011

TOS Crew: See-N-Read Reading Tools

Do you have a reader that has a hard time tracking when they are reading in a book?  I do!  I know that my kiddos who struggle with dyslexia have a very difficult time staying on track.. or should I say .. in line, while they are reading. Often times, their eyes simply have a hard time following along, even if they have a bookmark under where they are reading, or if they are using their finger.

That is where See-N-Read comes in. They have come up with some nifty tools to help your student keep their place. Not only that, it does help to increase their reading speed. I tried it out myself, and I found that I was even able to read faster and retain more while using the reading tools by See-N-Read.

So what are these tools....... Here you can see..

They are little plastic 'windows' that are grayed out except for a window, that you place under the line are reading, jsut like you would a bookmark.  However, what is great is that it is blocking out the words above and below the line, so the reader simply has to focus on the line they are reading. Great for children who are easily distracted.

They have made one that I have tucked inside my bible. It looks exactly the same, however, the clear line, has been cut out, allowing for you to underline or highlight what you are reading without having to move your reading tool! AWESOME!!!

These inexpensive tools are an awesome resource that very well may be the answer to your readers dilemma!

Check out See-N-Read today! With reading tools starting as low as $2.99 you can't go wrong!

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*** Note: I received a packet of reading tools for free in exchange for my honest opinion***

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