Thursday, March 24, 2011

TOS Crew: Big IQ Kids

As part of the TOS Crew, we were given a free premium membership to the BIG IQ kids website. What is Big IQ kids? Well it is a website with math, spelling, vocabulary and US geography programs.  I have taken the time to click around have a look at what is available, however, for the most part, I have allowed my daughter to have pretty much free access to the site.

Big IQ Kids is a website that has a tagline of "Helping kids become and stay A+ students."  They achieve this by creating an e-learning environment, that allows all children, grades K-8, no matter their learning ability, to strive for excellence. How is this accomplished you ask?  Actually there are many strategies employed to create success.


The first key is they have technology that allows every word, in every sentence can be read out loud to your child. So now, if you have a child with some learning disabilities, they will be able to fell independent with Big IQ Kids. That is HUGE! When you have a special needs child, you want them to have every opportunity to experience independence.

Next, the program leads the child through assignments and quizzes, and as the child successfully accomplishes these tasks, they are rewarded with coins that allow them to play games. This was indeed an incentive for my daughter!

Overall, my daughter loved Big IQ Kids. There really was only one thing she did not like. In the math program, if she typed the wrong digit (by mistake), before before she could fix it, it would automatically correct it. This caused her some frustration, however, she learned to work within the framework.

From a teachers point of view, I liked the premium membership, as it allowed me to view progress reports, as well as receive information on how my daughter is progressing via email. These features are not available with the free editions.

Prices vary for Big IQ Kids, depending on if you subscribe to all four programs, or pick and choose the program that your family will need and use the most. Prices are as low as $7.99 per month. Please visit here to view all the pricing options.

Don't forget to visit the crew blog to see what my crew mates have to say about Big IQ Kids!


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