Monday, October 13, 2008

    This is our 9th year homeschooling our children. And every year, we wonder, where is it, we are going to find our curriculum. How is it the Lord will provide it this year.  And every year, while, I do go out and purchase some of what I need. Some of my curriculum, I never get around to “purchasing” because the Lord provides it in a different way. This year is no different.


  As part of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I have had the privilege to  begin to preview products, for the express purpose to review. The product I am about to review, I will honestly tell you, I probably would have never just purchased sight unseen. However, after spending, many hours, perusing the offerings of, I am sold! is a subscription based search engine site. I know, it does not sound glamorous, and you may be thinking, I can just use good ole google. Let me tell you, they are not even in the same league.


Elaine at, has 40 years teaching experience. She has turned that experience into this wonderful site. It has over 2000 prescreened websites. All of them are safe and relevant. Each entry has a code, letting you know what age the site is geared for. There are 4 possible categories. P= Primary ( Pre-K – Grade 2) ,  E = Elementary (Grades 2-5), S= Secondary ( Grades 6-12)  and T= Teacher or Supervising Student.  What a huge help! You are not wasting time on sites that are not appropriate for your kids. Also, since these sites are pre-screened, you can feel comfortable allowing your children to search on this site!  


On the front page of the website, it states that you can use this site for a full curriculum or just to supplement.  So I decided to search in that vain. I started to search with terms like, Grammar curriculum, and Reading curriculum, and continued through all the subjects, math, history, science, and even included Spanish. What I found was a plethora of sites that even to this seasoned, internet savvy homeschooler, who has found much of what is used in our homeschool on the net, I found new and different sites that I had never seen before.


During this search, I found, a site that had free downloadable books to help my struggling dyslexic reader. There are printable books and worksheets for the beginning reader.  I also found full grammar and spelling curriculum for grades 1-6 .   There are online games, ( that I have never seen before) for math, as well as worksheet generators.  I found a full curriculum for middle school and high school, covering US History, including 16 videos that go with it. And there was a wonderful world history site that would  be a wonderful resource.  There were also 2 sites that offered free Spanish Curriculum. While there was no one site for a complete free science curriculum, there were so many sites listed, with experiments and information on specific areas of interest. And even a site for virtual E field trips.  In addition, there are many pages to the teacher, on how to teach a certain subject. So if you are stuck, there is help!



You could easily use this site to design a curriculum for your children. And there is an added bonus that I think is a huge asset. Elaine, the designer of, really has offered to be your research assistant. If you have purchased the 1 year subscription, and are going through her site, and you are not finding what you are looking for, simply use the “contact us” button and let her know. She will research that topic and will send you what she finds, as well as, then including it on the site for future homeschoolers. You can go on teaching your kids, while she is doing your foot work! Or should I say, your finger work! And she does this very quickly, and has proven this, by listening to other members of the homeschool crew and then finding and adding what they were looking for! What a blessing!


Now down to the brass tacks!  Pricing! There are 4 possible subscription options.  

1 yr = $29.95

3 months = $15.95

1 month = $9.95

 3 days = $4.95


If you are unsure, then by all means, use the 3 day subscription. You will get hooked, and want to sign on for more. However, Elaine is offering, a wonderful opportunity, to the readers of this review. When you subscribe for 1 year at $29.95, she will include a second year for free. Simply use coupon code TOS.   If you are able to you use even just one subject on this search engine, that will more than pay for itself.  And remember, if you subscribe for 1 year (and get one free), Elaine will be your research assistant for both of those years!

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Have a Happy Homeschooling Day!!!!! 


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  1. This was great! You really showed how this site could be best utilized. :-) I think this is one of the most informative of the reviews I've read so far. I plan to take and glean from others as I go. Thanks for sharing!

    Lori W.