Friday, February 20, 2009

Heads Up Now!!!!

What can I say about this wonderful company. I had never heard of them, prior to receiving  their products as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. I have to tell you that I have fallen in love with this little company! Owned by David and Melinda Boring.

Melinda has sought to be a student of her children, attempting to educate herself in order to be more effective as a parent and teacher. It has been challenging and at times overwhelming. With prayer, determination, and a refusal to give up on her children, she has seen them experience success and develop confidence in many endeavors. Heads Up! is a result of the Boring family's desire to be a source of practical help and encouragement to others who regularly interact with children with learning differences. Our logo is a salute to all the incredible learners who think and experience life "outside the box".

The members of the crew were sent "Heads Up Top of the Line", "Heads Up Double Time", "Head's Up Frames" both small and large, and the "Heads Up Reader" 

I must tell you that these have been very helpful. I have two children that are ADHD and Dyslexic and one that has autism, among many other special needs. With my two children with dyslexia and adhd, the readers, and the "top of the lines" have been extremely helpful keeping them "on track" . Most of the time when they read, they would lose their place, and this has made it much easier for them. It has made it so they have to concentrate less on keeping their place, and they can focus more on the words. 

The frames we used to help them with their math pages. It helped to isolate the problem they were working on. It helped to keep them from getting overwhelmed by all the problems on the page. 

I hope that you can tell, that they products are wonderful and the company is as well. Since receiving the products from Heads Up Now!, I have also made a purchase from them. Let me tell you , they have wonderful resources available. I purchased 4 books and e-book, that was written by Melinda Boring. I have yet to finish the book, but I have been reading every spare moment I have. I can tell you that I now have a wish list from their catalog.

It was wonderful to find a company that understands my children, exactly how God made them, and have compiled such wonderful products to help me help my child.

Please, if you have a child with special needs of any kind, or know of a family with children with special needs, please visit and see what this wonderful family have to offer.

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