Friday, February 20, 2009


I actually looked into last school year. And I was completely sold!! Jason Gibson, the creator of has been such a blessing in our family. We had only purchased the Basic Math DVD, however, as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew, we were given Word Problems and Algebra II.  My kids are not yet at Algebra II, however, I watched that DVD, and can confidently tell you that you will be just as impressed with it, as I was!

Okay, first comes a confession, Math is not my thing. I squeaked by in high school, only taking the basics. So I have always worried that I was not going to adequate enough to teach our children. 2 things have happened as we have homeschooled our children. I realize now as an adult, that math is not nearly as intimidating as it was when I was in grade school! 2nd, with the help of, I have been able to help my children.

Here is what I have found that is the most helpful. Jason is a math guy! Do you know what I mean by that? He knows math, it seems that he enjoys math. So when he "speaks" math, there is a comfort there. Versus, that sense of inadequacy  I have.  When I was teaching my children with learning disabilities, it was really helpful, to be able to sit them down in front of Jason, and have them watch him explain. For some reason, when he explained it, even though I felt like I said the same things, they finally got it!!!

We would even pause the practice problems that Jason wrote on the white board, and have them do the practice problems before Jason. Then watch to see if they were right!

The other real highlight for me, is that these DVD's are  not made in conjunction with a particular curriculum. So no matter what math text you are using you can use the MathTutorDVD's to teach the concept, and then they can return to their text books and do the work!

The best part of all, is the price! Most of the individual courses cost $26.99.  WOW!!! That is so affordable. Especially when you put that next to the several hundred dollars I have seen other types of products like this go for. However, they also have bundle sets where you can save up to 10%. Depending on which bundle you choose. While I love to save a buck, I cannot afford to but them all at once, so for me the affordable $26.99 if right up my alley!!!

Some of his DVD's offer worksheet cd's to accompany them. I have not yet seen those. I did just order one though and I excited to work them in to our day! On the website it says they "highly recommend" that you purchase the companion cd. So, I would recommend it as well. I trust Jason and his recommendations!

So whether, you struggle with math or your child does. Or if you are contemplating hiring a Math Tutor, I would try first! You will save yourself a lot of time and money, and heartache! MathTutor DVD's have been a lifesaver in our house!

Visit today!!!

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