Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Generations of Virtue


In the world that we live in today, a world that is becoming harder and harder to raise godly young men and young women, I am thankful for a ministry such as, Generations of Virtue.

Here is what the website says about their mission:

  Generations of Virtue is a volunteer-driven ministry committed to providing parents and teenagers with resources to fight the good fight for purity. We work with parents, teens, churches, and homeschooling groups to equip today's generation for one of the most critical battles our culture faces--the battle for purity of heart, mind and body.


This is a company that I can align myself with. I feel comfortable with their intentions with their products, to place them in the hands of my children.

As part of the crew, I was sent books for my boys and for my girls. I was sent Teknon and the Champion Warriors, this book is geared for 10-14 year olds. I gave the book to my 13 year old to read. I'll get back to what he thought in a moment.  Let me tell you what they say about the book.

 "As CHAMPION Warriors, we win or lose by the way we choose!" Teknon's been training to be a CHAMPION warrior for a long time now, but a strenuous mission to retrieve God's Word from the clutches of the enemy is the only thing that will test his faith in his beliefs. Does he have what it takes to live a life devoted to the CHAMPION warrior's creed”a life completely in submission to the Lord? Join Teknon, his father, and his fathers friends as they fight to defeat an evil cyborg enemy and claim back their society's morals. This epic science fiction adventure captivates boys s ages 11-16 as they learn how to make good choices about purity, friends, relating with young women, their thought lives, and much more. With a brilliant plot, Brent Sapp packs this exciting novel full of spiritual truth.

Now, my son was not able to get as far as I had hoped in the book. While he is enjoying the book, for some reason this book is taking him longer to read. After further discussion, we believe it is because the book is so action packed, that he has to take his time to read and absorb what he is reading. His impressions are, that this book is "really neat" and he "likes how they work together to get through things".  He is continuing to read the book, I will let you know as he finishes, what he thinks, perhaps I will even let him post about it here.

Now the other items we received were from the "Beautifully Made!" series. This a 3 book series for mothers and daughters, just entering womanhood.  The first book, Approaching Womanhood, is for the girl who is nearing the starting of her menses. The book discusses in a delicate yet honest fashion what will be happening to her body. The way they handled each topic was with integrity and respect for the the young lady who is reading the book. My daughter and I are gong through this book together, to ensure open lines of communication if questions arise. The second book, Celebrating Womanhood, is for the young lady who has already begun her menses. Again, these books handle this challenging topic with respect and honesty. I will tell you it was the third book that I was thankful for, it is the book that goes along with the other two, written for mom, Wisdom from a Woman. As I read the book there were things that I learned that no one ever took the time to share with me.

I love the way they have encouraged me and my husband to interact with my daughter regarding her growing up. And treating this time with celebration. A celebration for how the Lord has created us.

If you have daughters that are approaching this time of their life, I would highly recommend this series.

Generations of Virtue have an entire line of products for both boys and girls. From the time they are toddlers all the way through this important time of change.

Please visit them and look at these resources and their entire line of purity rings.

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