Friday, October 30, 2009

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine $7.95 and 10 FREE gifts!!!

For many years now I have loved The Old Schoolhouse Magazine! And it is NOT because I am a part of the TOS Crew!!!  TOS has blessed my family, myself and my homeschool for many years now. Long before the crew was a glimmer in their eyes! If you have toyed with the thought of subscribing, now really is a great time! Times are tough for so many, especially families living on one income! I usually have paid $39 for 2 years. Right now their special is $7.95 for 1 year, plus 10 free gifts. Please see the ad below to see how to redeem this offer!!!

Happy Homeschooling!!!

We are a magazine with a heart for homeschooling.

Through the years, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine has reached thousands of homeschooling families like yours around the world--each with different homeschooling styles and needs, but the same goal of providing the best education possible for your children.

Each family is unique and TOS Magazine provides a variety of content from experts and homeschooing families just like yours. They share their triumphs and trials, ideas and resources.

Now, you can enjoy a one-year subscription for only $7.95!

The Real Deal--Get at least $100 worth of gifts for FREE! are tight economic times. Many homeschooling families are sacrificing extra income to provide an education for their children.

At TOS Magazine we support and stand with you, in your convictions and in this economy. That is why we are delivering big savings on subscriptions and at least $100 worth of free gifts!

Subscribe or renew for one year (U.S., print) and pay only $7.95. PLUS, receive 10 FREE gifts--while supplies last!

There are 19 gifts from which to choose and you won't even have to pay shipping--that's free too.

Here is a sampling of the available gifts--while supplies last:

Hurry! The 10 gifts are gone at midnight on October 30!

How do you get the 68% savings and 10 free gifts of your choice?

It is so easy to get all of these goodies!

Here's what you need to do

  1. Place the one-year, print (U.S.) subscription in your cart. Or you can purchase a one-year subscription plus current issue (U.S.) for only $5.00 more. Or purchase a gift sub for friends!

  2. Enter coupon code 10GIFTS at checkout.

  3. Complete the checkout process.

  4. We will email you a gift selection form after your purchase.

  5. Complete and return this form via email.

  6. We'll U.S. mail you 10 gift cards which can be redeemed for the gifts via U.S. mail, though several companies will allow you to redeem online or by phone. All of the companies will pay the shipping to get the product to you--no strings attached.

For our returning customers, you'll enjoy a FREE bonus gift.

With your renewal, you'll receive a FREE copy of Dreams and Designs--Homemade Supplies to Complement Your Homeschool! This bonus E-Book is in addition to the 10 FREE gifts! Renew now!

You'll receive one year of The Old Schoolhouse®
Magazine at a 40% savings and the E-Book Dreams and Designs for FREE!

With a spark of low-cost creativity and a few simple instructions . . . you'll be amazed! Design fun, easy-to-make learning aids and imaginative organizing tools using household items--and dream of your best homeschool year yet!

Read more about the Dreams and Designs: Homemade Supplies to Complement Your Homeschool E-Book.This $12.45 value is yours FREE, when you renew your Canadian or international subscription.

Do you know someone with whom you would like to share this fantastic deal?

Our Winter 2009 issue is absolutely packed with
articles on support groups, preschoolers, and
tips and tricks for teaching writing!

Winter is a wonderful time to get cozy and catch up on YOUR homeschool reading.
You'll find all the support and information you need to get re-energized for the upcoming new year inside each issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.

Just take a look at what's inside the crisp, cool cover of the
Winter 2009 issue:

  • Speech & Debate by Chris Jeub

  • The Fast Track to Memorization by Carol Barnier

  • Conflict in a Homeschool Group by Carol Topp

  • World War I: The War to End All Wars, a Unit Study by Jennifer Steward

  • The Spiritual Instruction of Preschoolers by Mike and Carolyn Riggs

  • Leadership Education for Followers: "Freedomship Education" Defined by Andrea Newitt

  • Top 10 Tips for Teaching Writing by Fran Santoro Hamilton

  • Support Groups: Cultivating a Garden of Friendship by Cheryl A. Bastian

  • Three Keys to Teaching Writing by Danielle Olander

  • The Three Flavors of Speech Communication by JoJo Tabares

  • The Princess or the Pack Mule by Denise Mira

  • Preschool: Start at the Very Beginning by Kendra Fletcher

  • Helping the Reluctant Writer by Lee Roddy

  • Homeschooling: Growing and Thriving in the 21st Century by Amelia Harper

  • Mix It Up . . . From Scratch! by Lisa Barthuly

  • When "No" Is Beautiful--And When God Changes It by Melissa Culver

  • Contemporary Classical Education: It Really Can Work for You! by Andrea Newitt

  • Magnetic Books by Jan Bloom

  • Ten Writing Tips by Ruth Beechick

  • Seven Gifts to Give Yourself by Molly Green

"Every issue is just like attending a homeschool conference--motivation galore! I receive many homeschool magazines, etc., but yours really stands heads above the rest."
--Katrina V.
Spring 2007

". . . The pages of TOS overflow with ideas and thoughts that make me feel right at home . . . I've always been annoyed by magazines that are full of advertising, but with TOS, I find resources that make sense for real life . . . You have helped me to have the best year of homeschool I've had yet!"
Spring 2007

Why should you subscribe or renew NOW?

  • The 10 FREE gifts are gone at  midnight on October 30!

  • These low prices won't be around forever!

  • You don't want to miss having our Winter 2009 issue delivered right to your mailbox.

  • You'll receive a FREE copy of Dreams and Designs with your renewal!

  • The Winter issue and your next 3 issues will be right there to provide you with information, ideas, advice, and encouragement for the coming year!


 Hurry! Friday, October 30, the
 10 FREE gifts 
are gone!
Remember, use coupon code 10GIFTS to get the special price and 10 gifts.

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