Saturday, June 5, 2010

Joy in a Quiet House

It has been a quiet day here on the home front. Quiet for many reasons!
Mom, has lost her voice! Yes I am talking about myself in the third person!

It is amazing how much you use your voice every day! I mean, I know that I use my voice every day, but boy, when you can't use it, you realize what a helpful tool it is.

However, it has been a wonderful way to take a much needed rest! Isn't it amazing how God will give you exactly what you need even when you don't realize you need it!

You see, the month of May has been a whirlwind of activity around here! We took a vacation, a school vacation. We went on several awesome educational field trips!

The TOS Homeschool Crew was winding down our 2nd voyage, I had a few reviews due, and at that time Homeschoolblogger changed their format. Which I am loving, though it is taking time to learn!

We also were planning our homeschool group graduation, for 8th and 12th graders. It was an amazing day! But alot of leg work! Though very worth it. At the top of this post, is a picture of me and my daughter on her special day!

Here is one with our daughter and our Pastor's Son, Larry Chappell, who was our speaker at the graduation. Bro. Chappell works with our teenagers, and they all just love him! We were honored that he spoke to our teenagers!

Here is one with a couple of her friends!

If you can't tell from the pictures, the day turned out lovely. What started out as a small affair, grew into a ceremony and reception for 200 people!

So needless to say, a much needed rest is in order. However, my nature is not to rest! I tend to try to just keep on going!

With the loss of my voice, I have been able to stay off the phone!!! I have been able to finish up on some reading that I have been meaning to do!

One of the best parts, is I learned a great lesson! And that is.. if I speak quietly, my children respond quietly. I love it! Yes, I knew that, however, I , often times, much like my children, have a hard time with my volume control! Just ask my mother! This has been a long time issue! So now that I am speaking softly all day.. for several days now, their responses have been nice and soft! I like it! Note to self, keep speaking softly, even when voice returns.

Thank you Lord for giving me the rest, You knew I wouldn't take on my own!

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