Friday, November 26, 2010

Fresh from the Freezer ~ FREE Online Cooking Class

Hello Friends!

Are you like me, and always looking for value? Well, today I have something for you that will treat you to great value in a couple of ways! What am I talking about? It is the FREE Online Cooking Class "Fresh From The Freezer".

Shelley from One Roast Vegetable will teach you how to both use your freezer as a pantry, as well as,  create recipes that you can make ahead and freeze, and just pull out when ready for it.

I have learned so very much during the class so far! And the great thing, is that you can sign up anytime, and watch the videos! As of this blog posting, there are 16 videos up and ready for you to watch and learn, and as long as people continue to subscribe, she will continue to make these free videos!  I need these videos! Would you please sign up today? Have I mentioned that it is FREE!?!?!?!

So, what have I learned? Well I will not give away all the secrets, you will have to subscribe to find out for yourself! However, I will tell you, that she will try out freezing many fruits and vegetables, as well as, dairy products, and then show us the results. It has already saved me money! I have popped things into the freezer, rather than the trash can, knowing I will be able to pull it out and use it later!

Then the really fun thing, is she will put together the items that we have frozen, and use them in a recipe! And share that recipe with you! You really cannot miss out on this! Your family budget, and your meal time will benefit from this FREE online class!

Won't you join me and Shelley, and countless others, as we learn how to cook, Fresh From the Freezer?

Happy Cooking!!


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  2. Can't wait to start learning...Do you have ideas for Vegans/Vegetarians?