Friday, December 17, 2010

TOS Crew: Wits & Wagers Family

Recently, my family had the opportunity to review a game from North Star Games.  We received Wits & Wagers Family. It could not have come at a better time! Just in time for the holidays.. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years!  The times when you are getting together with family and friends!

We put this nifty game to good use during our Homeschool Group Family Feast! A group of about 7 or so girls, ages 6-12 gathered in one of the bedrooms and played away!  What was the verdict? They loved it! They had no idea they were helping me review the product.  My daughter's take.. ( 11years old) was "It was fun!"

Several days later we sat down together as a family and played the game together, so I could have first hand experience with the game. And I agree with my daughter, it was fun!

What is awesome about this game, in my book, is that it really is a game that the entire family can play, and you do not even have to be 'smarter than the average bear' to play!

A question is read, and everyone writes down their best guess.. to questions like.. "How many times does the average person blink each day?"  After all guesses are written down, you place them in the middle in numerical order.  Now here is the wager part, each player, or team, is given 2 meeples ( markers) and with the meeples you place them on the answer you think is closest to the correct answer. They do not have to go on your own. Nor do they have to go on the same space. So if you think Little Johnny knows more than you do, you can choose his answer! Players are awarded points according to which meeple is on the correct answer, as well as if you guessed the correct answer!  The first person to 15 points WINS!!!!

Wits & Wagers Family, is sure to incite riotous fun!

To learn more about Wits & Wagers Family please visit North Star Games . You can purchase Wits & Wagers Family for $19.99 at Target Amazon and other local toy retailers.

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***Note, we received a Wits & Wagers Family for free in exchange for my honest opinion of the game. All opinions express in this review are my own!  These opinions do not express a guarantee from the vendor. ***

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  1. This sounds great for our game-playing family! :)