Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Candy Foote- Making Money by Saving Money!!!

Wow, these interviews with Terri Camp are amazing! It's like the gift that just keeps giving! Today I listened to her interview with Candy Foote. In many ways, Candy is a mom just like all of us..... well almost.. she has 12 children!! In a day and age, where having a family with 5 children ( my families size) is looked at as a large family.. having a family with 12 children, and homeschooling equals.. a tight budget!!!

So Candy did what she knew to do.. she went to her Holy Father, and asked Him to guide her... help her to know His will for her and their family... and guess what.. He did just that, but in a way that she had not expected!

Candy began to save money for her family. And this translated into making their budget work for them!   What was wonderful to listen to, is how Candy really looks at this as a ministry.. how you might ask? I don't want to give it all away, however, let me just say, that Candy makes a point to bless others, through the gifts, knowledge, and skill that the Lord has provided, along with her hard work!!

So not only is she blessing her family, she is also blessing those around her and teaching her kids to do the same!

Are you wondering how you can help your family budget go farther? Take some time and listen to Candy Foote as she shares the tricks of the trade!

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