Thursday, May 26, 2011

WOW!! Homeschool Mom's Really can Make Money From Home!!!!!

In case you hadn't realized it before now.. Homeschool Mom's Really Can Make Money from Home! How do I know that? Well, first, because I am a homeschool mom, who makes money from home!!! And I know that I am not alone! And one of the reasons I know that I am not alone, is because author and Homeschool Icon Terri Camp has sat down and interviewed 13 homeschool mom's (me included) who are doing just that!

Tonight was exciting!!! She kicked off this series by hosting a listening 'party' as we all listened to Mary Jo Tate, give a talk on " How Do You Do It All?"!!!!!  I have to tell you, even if you already have a business you are working from home, you will learn so much from Mary Jo!

She has wonderful prioritizing tips! Both for family and home!! Quite simply, she gets down to the brass tacks, and gives you everyday practical advice! Now, what was an added bonus.. was after the interview, there was a question and answer time with Mary Jo, and the wealth of knowledge that was shared was amazing!

I have been working through, and listening to all of the interviews!! And let me tell you, there are nuggets and treasures in every single one! Even if the speaker is not in the same 'line of work' as you are, the tips for business and family are priceless!

So what's stopping you from buying the Homeschool Mom's Making Money at Home interview series? You do not want to put it off much longer! As of Tuesday May 31st, the prices will go UP! Right now if you purchase by May 31st, you will not only get all the interviews, but you will also receive Terri's homeschool book (ecopy) Ignite the Fire, and a one month membership to the membership site, Homeschool Mom's Making Money at Home.  Each month of your membership, you receive a newsletter, a Q & A with Terri, an additional interview.. and more! You will not want to miss out on those bonuses!!

Click on over and sign up today!

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