Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Every Right to a Beautiful Life: Team Miranda Sarah

What happens when two childhood friends connect on Facebook?  For the answer, we will have to go back to the very beginning.  Okay, maybe not the VERY beginning!

My friend Maura and I met in the 7th grade.. and in typical fashion we had lost touch over the years. The last time I had laid eyes on her was at our 10 year high school reunion.. and no, I am not going to tell you how many years ago that was!

And then through the marvels of Facebook, we connected once again. And it has been so nice to be able to catch up and keep track of the goings on in Maura's life, as I follow her Facebook page.  By doing that I discovered that Maura's daughter Miranda has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, or Juvenile Diabetes. I also learned that Maura and her family and friends, affectionately known as 'Team Miranda' walk each year at Dodger Stadium to raise money for JDRF to raise funds to find a cure!

This year my high school aged boys and I started a homeschool home business of creating memory videos. And about that time, Maura posted her, "It's that time again" letter about the upcoming Walk for JDRF Los Angeles.

And the wheels in my head started to spin... not always a safe thing...

Anyhow, I sent Maura a message, and asked her about creating a video to help raise money for Team Miranda at the walk coming up. And the rest is what  we would call, history!

The video you see below, is the result of a long time friendship.  It is amazing to know that God puts in your path, the people you need in life, long before you know that you need them. I am very thankful for my friendship with Maura, and I am thankful that we have had this time to share together as we worked on this video.

Please take just a few moments to watch 'Every Right to a Beautiful Life: Team Miranda Sarah'.  And then we ask for 2 things from you.

First, if you are able, would you please consider giving to Team Miranda Sarah?  No donation is too small!

And second, would you please share the link to the video with your friends and family? Would you please post it on your Facebook pages, your blogs, and your twitter accounts?

Any help that you can give, is greatly appreciated!

Doesn't every child have Every Right to a Beautiful Life?




  1. Your video made me cry this afternoon. Just a few hours ago I was grumbling because my blood sugars were out-of-whack yet again. I am a type-1 diabetic (adult onset) and I cannot imagine dealing with diabetes either as a young child or as a parent of a diabetic child. Thank you for sharing a video about a child who continues to smile and laugh and play on the beach despite diabetes.

  2. Thank you for sharing your struggle. I think that what helps us most of all when we face something difficult, is knowing we are not the only ones. I know that when I was knee deep in dealing with seizures with my kids and their special diet... it could be so very overwhelming. It was so helpful to know that others are feeling the same emotions I am. Miranda is a very sweet and brave little girl from some amazing parents! Will be praying for you today!