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I hate Math! Ok, so I know hate is a very strong word, but really Math is not my strong point. I mean I can balance my check book. And I can teach my children their math facts, but as they get older this is really my downfall. I have always been thankful that my husband has the Math brain. Just knowing that he can step in and rescue me from teaching math has always set my mind at ease.

However, now I have something else that is my safety net! ( Yes my husband will always be there, too!)  There is the great subscription based website called Aleks . 

What I have loved about this site is that my daughter can do her math independently. This is a huge blessing for me! Here is how it works.

When you set up your child's account you designate the level of math they are in. 3rd grade- Pre Calculus. Once you set up your child's account and they get started, they will asked to take an assesment test. Based on the results of their test they will create a pie chart of yor child's skills, as well as, where your child needs to learn.

As you click through the chart, which is divided up into different skill sets, they will present the next thing that your child needs to learn in that area.

Your child is asked to complete a problem, they can click for an explanation, and then work the problems. Once they display mastery, that skill is then set into their pie chart.

When your child returns they are asked review questions on those skills. To ensure mastery.

My daughter who enjoys math, but does not like to sit down and do "seat work", therefore, Math will always come with a scoop full of complaint.  However, with Aleks, she was actually asking to do math! Wahoo! Anything that helps my child ( or yours!) want to learn, gets a kudos from me!

Not only is she asking to do math, she is actually learning quite a bit. In the "Master Account" you have the ability to change the level you have your child set at, and you will be able to see how they are doing on their math work. It will let you know, what they have mastered and what they still need to learn and what is going to come up next.

The other awesome thing about Aleks, is that allows me to spend time with the other children in my house, while the student using Aleks is working. This is a huge asset. When you have a large family, that is something is priceless.

Whether you struggle in math, or your child struggles or excels, I would highly recommend Aleks.

Now, down to brass tacks, here is the pricing:

$19.95  per student per month

$99.95 per student every six months

$179.95 per student every 12 months

They also offer a free one month trial.  And they have family discounts. Please see their website for more information.  

Have a Happy Homeschooling Day!


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