Monday, December 15, 2008

The Little Man In the Map


The Little Man In the Map With Clues to Remember All 50 States, by E. Andrew Martonyi and published by Schoolside Press.

This clever little book, is wonderful. The goal of this book is to help your little one, and maybe even you  in remembering and locating all 50 states in our country. It all starts with the Man in the Map. What is that you ask????

Let me explain, this is a picture book, written in verse, which helps with memory! It tells the story of a class learning U.S. Geography. And they begin with the Man In the Middle of the Map. From north to south.. from Minnesota... his very tall hat, all the way down to Louisiana, which are cleverly his boots. And when you connect the states in between you have that Man in the Map or MIM as he is affectionately called.

Mim, then helps your child through the rest of the map, giving a fun little verse about each state to help them remember where the state is located.

Reading this book through a couple of times, coupled with a regular map, your child will have their U.S. Geography commited to memory before you know it!

All of my kids have enjoyed this book. Even my older kids enjoyed and were  not turned away from it, even though it is a picture book. So if you have a child that needs to get this down, this is a great tool.

The book has been honored with the :

Moonbeam Children's Book Award

Independent Book Awards

And was a a finalist for the:

Foreward Magazines Book of the Year and

Next Generation Indies Book Awards

As you can see this is a high quality book, that I would highly reccomend. This would make a wonderful Christmas gift, if you order right away! It is beautifully inllustrated, by Ed Olson.  Couple that with the fun writing of Anrew Martonyi, the children will harldly even notice they are learning at all!

The boook retails for $19.95.  They also have a wall map that reatails for $21.95 or you can get them together for $35.00.

 This has been a favorite in our house, I know it will be a favorite in yours!

Happy Learning!


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