Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Trigger Memory Systems

    I will tell you right off the top, I LOVE the products we received from Trigger Memory Systems, as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. We received four books from them, Times Tales and then 3 clean n' flip charts..... Zone Cleaning for Kids, Laundry for Kids, and Bedroom Cleaning for Kids.

   I am going to start with talking about Times Tales! I am kicking myself for not ordering this product the first time I saw it and added it to my wish-list!  What is Times Tales you ask? It is a handy book, that id mnemonic-based program.  It has pictures, where the numbers are turned into characters, while still be able to see the numbe in their body, and then with each illustration, there is  a story to go with it. You read the child the story, then they tell it back to you.. and that is how the magic happens inside their wonderful brain God gave them!

I sat down with my 9 year old, who has not mastered her multiplication tables.  We sat down one afternoon, we did just as I described above, then we moved on to the included flashcards. There are two sets. One with the characters. So the 6 and the 3 would look just as they did in the illustrations. When looking at the card, she remembered the story, which also included the answer, and she had  the answer to give me. We were able to quickly move on to the flash cards with regular numbers, no pictures, and she retained all that she had learned. In a 30 minute session, she knew her times tables. WOW!!!! 

Since then she walks around with the flashcards and she tells her self the stories. I see her writing out the times tables down on a pieces of paper, in her spare time! This book is a real gem!!!

Now let me tell you, I have been leery of trying this product, because, you know that old saying, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Well, that was how I was feeling. How can this possibly work??  Please know, that I am not a sales rep for Trigger Memory Systems. This program works!! If you have a child who needs to master their upper times tables this is the product for you! At $29.95 you cannot go wrong!


Now onto the Clean n' Flip Charts. These have been an awesome addition to our household. We are a family that cleans the house together. And with 5 children, the quality of clean is sometimes questionable. Lots of going back, and redoing, which can be very discouraging, to a child who is doing their very best.

That is where the Clean n' Flip Charts come in. It breaks down the chores, into easy bite, size chunks for the child to follow. It is a dry erasable book, so they can use a dry erase marker, to check off what they have done. Or if there are multiple children doing the chores, then you can put their name or initials next to  the chore.

These charts have not only helped my children to remember all the steps to cleaning each room, or each step in the laundry process, it has cut down on the squabbles. It has helped each child be accountable for their own chore! Ingenious!!!!

Okay now for the pricing. They have several options!

You can get the Bedroom Cleaning for $7.95

Then you can add the Zone cleaning to that for $22.95

And then you can add to those the Laundry for kids for $29.95

OR you can purchase 2 Bedroom Cleaning for $12.95.

I would highly recommend all of these charts! THey have helped my kids, who range in age from 9 - 16!

I pray that one or more of these products will find it way into your home so that your family will be as blessed by them as ours have been!

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