Sunday, March 1, 2009

Beyond Five in a Row Volume II


I am so thankful for the opportunity that I have had to review curriculum this year as a member of the Homeschool Crew. I have been introduced to curriculum that I have never heard of before, some old favorites and in this case, I was able to review something that I have heard about for years and years, yet, have never actually had my hands on a copy. I am referring to Five in a Row .  I received Beyond Five in a Row, Vol II. Geared for ages 8-12.

I am going to tell you that I really like what I see with this curriculum. Beyond Five in a Row, is a literature based unit study. When you work through this unit you will study History and Geography, Language Arts, Science, the Fine Arts and Human Relationships. You will need to supplement with Arithmetic along with Spelling, Penmanship and Grammar. Ok those are the nuts and bolts. However, I want to tell you what I read in this volume that pulled me in and connected me to this curriculum. 

"Remember that our goal as educators is not to cram facts into children's brains long enough to successfully complete a test on Friday.  Our goal is to help children fall in love with learning, to discover the joy of reading, to learn how to find answers and use research tools, to learn to think critically and to assimilate knowledge in a way that is both relevant and memorable. "

This in essence has been my goal of homeschooling since beginning our journey.  When I read this, I knew that this curriculum has the same goal for my children when it comes to academics as I do. 

Let's look at the books that are covered in Vol II.

Sarah, Plain and Tall by, Patricia Maclachlan

The Story of George Washington Carver, by Eva Moore

Skylark, by Patricia Maclachlan

Helen Keller, by Margaret Davidson

Each volume is designed to take one semester to complete. The readers are not included, however, everything else you need to complete the study is in  your Volume. As we worked through Sarah, Plain and Tall I was very pleased with the activities they have come up with.  They were insightful and original. Over the years, I have seen programs that are literature based unit studies, and when I would look through them, I often felt, I could think of those question or activities on my own. I don't need a curriculum for that. However, with Beyond Five in a Row, I believe the integrity of the activites they have come up with are true to that quote that touched my heart. I can see how each of those activities are going to instill a love of learning and teach them how to gather information, think critically and assimilate information.

I had thought Five in a Row was only for very small children. I am pleased to see Beyond Five in a Row for 8 - 12 year olds , as well as, Above and Beyond Five in a Row, for 12 years and up. So no matter if you are just starting out homeshcooling your wee one, or in you in the middle of your journey, your family will benefit from this really neat curriculum.

Please visit Five in a Row to see their price list and package options. They had digital resources to supplement your program. There are message boards so you can talk with other Five in a Row users!

As an added note, this program is written by a homeschool family. Started with Jane Lambert, homeschool mom. And Beyond Five in a Row was written by their daughter, Becky Jane Lambert.  Who knows more about what homeschoolers need, than homeschoolers!!




  1. Love the video clip at the end. (Home, where they belong) Wow!

    Thanks for the review on Five in a Row.

  2. Love the video clip at the end. (Home, where they belong) Wow!

    Thanks for the review on Five in a Row.