Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Homeschool in the Woods- New Testament Lap Book


Have you ever lapbooked? You know, after  much reading, I believe that I am what you would classify as a visionary. I have GRAND ideas, yet, I fall short in the follow through section. Don't get me wrong. We get lot's done, just not my "grand" ideas. 

When it comes to lapbooks, my "grand" idea was  that I  could create a lapbook project myself!  I have always wondered  why someone would want to purchase a premade package. After all, with all these "brilliant" ideas floating around in my head, surely I can create something comparable. Boy was I wrong!!!!

Homeschool in the Woods, I must tell you, has put such a high quality product  together, that I would be crazy to even attempt to "match" it. I would fall short! I wouldn't even be in the same league! The research has been done for you, the illustrations are beautiful! What a blessing!  Even if you are a creative mom, this product is so well done, that you would not be settling by purchasing premade, you would be doing you and your chidlren a huge favor!

We have not yet finished our lapbook, however, we are enjoying the process immensely.  What has been a huge blessing is the step by step instructions, with color photos included! Which are wonderful for me, a visual learner!

All of my children have enjoyed working on this project. Their ages range from 9-16 and include some special needs learners, and we have had an awesome time. It has sparked many conversations, and looking up verses in our bible. While Amy includes verse for the lap book, we used this pak as a spring board.

If you have ever considered a lap book, and have been unsure on where to start, I would say Homeschool in the Woods is the place for you!

You can purchase the downloadable version for $18.95 and the cd version for a mere $1 more. You will find timelines and time line figures among other resources, I would highly recommend checking them all out as you plan next years curriculum!


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