Friday, January 8, 2010

Homeschool Harmony

Why did you start homeschooling? Was it because you had a bad experience at the local school district? Were you called to it, even before you had children?

Regardless of the reason why you started homeschooling. It seems that most of us have these pictures of the perfect homeschool family. Living in perfect 'homeschool harmony'! 

You know what I am talking about homeschool harmony. The thoughts of being gathered around the fireplace reading to our obedient and attentive children. Children who are so happy to be in our presence that they never argue! They are eager to help out at every turn. Not to mention if they had any learning problems or behavior issues in a previous educational setting, they would promptly be fixed by homeschooling. Right??

Homeschooling is supposed to be THE answer to everything...

Now enter reality! The house is a mess! The laundry has grown into what I affectionately call 'Mount Never-rest'! Dishes are piling in the sink! There are school books and school supplies strewn around the house. And what is this?? The children are actually fighting, with each other??  They are not only not getting along with their counter parts, they are not cooperating with the schedule you had so carefully prepared!

Oh my word! Now that is a bleak picture.

In all honesty, homeschooling is a bit of both of those pictures. We do have those days, that it feels that every single thing that could go wrong, DOES!!!
And then we have those days that things are so blissfully serene, we sigh, and think, "This is why we homeschool".

I think the key is two things, remember to lean on the Lord. For we cannot do anything in our own power. I have heard a saying over the years... "God does not call the equipped, he equips the called!"

Second would be to remember you are not alone. All of us share those bad days... and those good days. Homeschooling is not perfect! Because we humans are involved, we all make mistakes. But when you are lovingly and prayerfully raising your children for the Lord, what could be better? Take one day at a time, relying on the Lord and building those relationships! He will bless you for your faithfulness!

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  1. Thanks for this post! Sometimes it feels like I am the only one struggling to keep up with it all! It can be difficult, but the rewards can be amazing:)