Friday, April 22, 2011

Graphics Toolbox; This is My Book!

All of us at Graphics Toolbox, have been working diligently on our newest addition to our line of downloadable kits! We are super excited about these kits.

This is My Book! is the story of YOU! Go on an interactive journey of discovery, reflection and creativity. Suitable for both children and adults.

This is My Book! comes with 50 customizable pages to build a unique detailing the story of your life.  Thisi s My Book! will be a treasure for every member of your family for years to come! 

Graphics-Toolbox from Great Software Tools, LLC is an easy-to-learn-and-use graphic software program that is perfect for students, educators, hobbyists and business people. Since homeschool families are composed of most of the above, you will find that learning Graphics-Toolboxwill ultimately help: your children learn, you be a better teacher, you have more fun with digital scrapbooking & other hobbies and even help you develop effective marketing materials for a familybusiness. Here we are concentrating on how Graphics-Toolbox can benefit the home schoolingexperience and education is our favorite focus!


Creativity (Great Teachers + Graphics Toolbox) = Knowledge & Innovation

Educating children is a complex equation. The quality of the factors on the left of the equationdirectly impacts the quality of the product. We all want our children to be well educated andinnovators as adults. In the 21st century, it is essential that students learn to utilize technology like Graphics-Toolbox in their lessons and homework assignments so they are prepared to be competitivein their careers as adults.
Multiply the creativity of your child with your dedication as a teacher and the interactive learningpotential of Graphics-Toolbox and see that:

  • Graphics Toolbox empowers teachers and engages students in active learning

  • Working with graphics helps children learn faster and retain the information longer

  • Lessons with interactive graphics brings the subject matter to life

  • You can incorporate effective hands-on learning strategies for all your children, at all grades and learning levels

  • Graphics-Toolbox can enhance all of your existing curriculum programs

  • Children will learn life long skills on presentation & strategizing content

  • Kids love technology and by working with technology they participate more actively in the learning process

  • You will raise the bar on the quality of their presentations

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Learn with our Award-winning tutorial videos: Getting Started with Graphics-Toolbox, Teaching with Graphics-Toolbox, and our Project Videos.

This is My Book! This projectwas developed to encourage creativity and stimulate research on your favorite subject – You! Itis a fun, informative project for children, but also a wonderful project for adults. Different ages canapproach it with different levels of detail. The project is intended to inspire reflection on your lifeand you can choose to use all of the pages or only the ones that are meaningful to you. Considercreating one as a gift for someone special! We hope that it will be a starting point and that you willcontinue the book as far into the future as you would like. Life is a work in progress; we hope this book will be too!

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  1. This project sounds like it would make a good yearbook or high school summary for a homeschooled high schooler! :)