Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Little House on the Prairie or 21st Century Homeschooler?

I had something very interesting happen to me at the most curious of places! This last weekend I spent my time at the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. I had the privilege of working a booth throughout the weekend. And I thoroughly enjoyed meeting fellow homeschoolers!  Many that I have met and interacted with online, in various arenas, as well as, brand spanking new friends!

However, what astonished me, is that I met someone, who was working for a vendor, who had said throughout the weekend... that they were amazed at all the online and virtual educational options. And homeschooling, is not just Little House on the Prairie anymore.


I was surprised to hear such a thing, AT A HOMESCHOOL CONVENTION!  This person, was not the vendor, simply an 'employee'. However, I was surprised at the boldness this person had in describing homeschoolers. Considering I am one!  This person, did not look at Little House on the Prairie as a compliment, either, I dare say.

They had assumed we were all living in our one room home, never going out or interacting with others, and clearly not providing our children with an education, that is worthy of the century that we live in.

So, what are your thoughts on this? I posed this question on my facebook page, and had some wonderful comments. Now I would like to open this up to everyone.

What does your homeschool look like? 21st Century? or Little House on the Prairie? Or both? How do you feel about the stereotype?

Please chime in!



  1. Our homeschool certainly does not look like Little House on the Prairie, but I am not sure we are 21st Century. I mean, we do use the computer a lot for writing and research, but most of our learning is done with books. Maybe we are somewhere in the middle?

    I DO wish we lived in a one-room home, though. My kiddos and I are currently reading The Pioneer Sampler and I wish I could just drop right into the pages and be part of the story. Yes, life was tougher back then, but how idyllic! *sigh*

    The stereotype doesn't really bother me too much! I listen to what others say and sometimes it gets me thinking, but then I remember that I am giving my children the best education possible - the one that is right for each individual child, learned at their pace! I figure most people have no idea how much thought, energy, and research goes into our homeschooling, anyway, so their opinions should not mean all that much to me.

    Now, I am off to build me a log cabin with Pa! Children, git yer slates and do yer sums!


  2. We live on the prairie.... we have a pretty little house, and chickens and a garden. But I don't think we 'homeschool' like that. I don't think homeschooling has ever really been like that, for most people. (Except for when they really were in that situation out of necessity.)

    We use a lot of technology in our schooling, but mainly computer research. We have no TV, but that's not out of techno-phobia. I prefer reading books to reading the computer, but that's just a personal preference. I think that we use the resources of the modern technology without letting it control us. We don't play video games, but thats just because we prefer real ones. We do watch movies, but not every day. We use it when we need it, but we aren't focused on it.

  3. I kinda feel like children that are home schooled have an advantage in the 21st century. They are learning much differently than others, more complex. It's not about swallowing a subject and regurgitating it back onto a test. It's about soaking a subject in and relating it back to God. Home schooled children have many more options available to them with out all the time constraints. While being well educated, home schooled children ( for the most part, I guess) are also being taught character, values, modesty, hard work, and all those 'Little House on the Prairie' things that seem so abnormal in the 21st century. Our family implements 21st century concepts with discretion. We also hold fast to a solid foundation, found in our faith. Which goes way back to the Little House on the Prairie days. I am thankful that I can teach my children. I am thankful that if I would like them to learn something, I can teach them. On the flip side, they can ask to be taught something and they can learn that too! So, our home school is both, LHOTP and 21st century. Traditional, established, time-honored, and wholesome that's the LHOTP portion. Also, it is raw, stimulating, lively, purposeful. Those words indicate that our home schooling family can survive in the 21st century. So, there ya go! =)

  4. Sandy,
    I love your comment! And I love your post on my facebook post as well! You have really grown unto homeschooling beautifully! You see it for all that it is! I praise the Lord for that!
    I agree with everything that you say. I actually often would say that I would like to be more LHOTP like! We are such a busy family, running to and fro in our busy 21st century life, that I crave simplicity.
    Our lives have evolved as the children have grown. All I can say is that I love homeschooling! And that we can make it fit and adapt to the lifestyle we are living! I am thankful to have the ability to teach my children what is important to me. And the fact that I can teach them, through word and deed, how to live for the Lord, and to glorify Him in everything we do!
    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts!!!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your homeschool with us! I think most of us are pretty versatile when it comes to our homeschools. Typically, we cannot be fit into one kind of 'box'.
    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

  6. One thing our family often says, is that we wish were home more, afterall, it is called homeschooling!

    Building a log cabin, and living on a prairie, sounds pretty good to me!