Wednesday, August 24, 2011

For Instruction in Righteousness

I have owned a copy of  For Instruction in Righteousness for as long as I can remember really.. It is published by Doorposts.

I have turned to this handy topical bible in times of training with my children, and I dare say, even with my self. You simply look up the area in which training needs to occur, and you will be taken to bible verses that illustrate how God feels about that sin, and how He blesses those who have overcome, or abstain from that sin.  It will also give you some discipline option for each sin.

It has been a God send in our home! As many of the Doorposts products have!

Here is the exciting news! For Instruction in Righteousness is on sale right now for $18!! Normally $33, if this is something that you need in your family... like mine... then I would not hesitate to pick one up today!

Happy Parenting!!!

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