Monday, January 12, 2009

Creative Nature Study

   As part of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I was given the opportunity to review a brand new E-book that will be available shortly from the fine people of TOS. It is called "Creative Nature Study".  The book is written by several homeschooling mothers, who have many years of homeschooling experience.

   By nature, I am a hands on homeschooing mom. While homeschooling our five children, I learned that my children are most successful when they smell, taste, feel, perhaps even become what they are learning. So nature studies have always been a part of our lives.

  With that said, this book is an awesome resource, whether you are a veteran  or brand new homeschooler. Everything you need to know about how to conduct a Nature Study is included in this guide.  What is really neat is the fact that it is written by several different mom's, so you are getting the perspective from several sources.

   The book includes chapters on;

                   "What is a  nature study and why do it?"

                    "How to get started, where to go and what to pack."

                    "Creative Walks"

                     "Creative Projects"

                     "Creative Writing in Nature"

                     "Nature Journal Ideas"

                      "Scavenger Hunts Galore"

If that doesn't whet your whistle, I am not sure what will. I should tell you that the sub chapters are so jammed packed with good information that you can really sink your teeth into the material. 

I walked away from the time I spent reading this book, feeling reinvigorated to get outside with my kids. And inside this book, you have the blueprints to create wonderful learning opportunities  for your children.  Everything you need to know from supplies, to location ideas.

The Appendix included  in the E-book, is the most complete listing of both print books and Internet Resources to compliment your studies.

If you have ever had an inkling to start Nature Studies I would invest in this awesome resrouce!

Happy Hunting!!!

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