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Kinderbach is a web-based music program for 2 - 7 year olds. It will not only teach your children piano it will also teach them, Music theory, note reading, rhythm, ear training, hand position and much much more!

Kinderbach is the brain child of Karri Gregor. Years ago when Karri was searching for a piano teacher for her then 4 and 7 year old. She was unable to find a single teacher willing to teach a student under the age of 7 years old. With a music background Karri understood the importance of early music education.

So Karri, began to teach her children herself. Over time, she began to teach others students, with her roll ending up with 150 students. However, after a family move, she lost all her students. After settling in their new home, Karri and her husband began to talk about the idea of teaching via video, and Kinderbach was born!

Kinderbach uses video, printed materials and games to integrate learning for your little one.  While my children are older than the target age range of 2-7, and they each have been in piano for several years, I have to tell you that my 9 year old rather enjoyed watching the videos right along side me.

I would highly reccomend this program for your preschooler!

The Kinderbach program is fun, short and covers everything necessary to learn the piano.  It is slow with lots of interaction.  The children learn without even knowing they are learning.  I believe it is a very solid program.  This is best for parents with a "learn by doing approach" Learning by experience and discovery.  My personal favorite:) 

The down side ( if there is one)  is its lack in aggressive content,  some parents may not feel as though they are being challenged.  Although I believe this to be a preference, some parents may not like the subtlety of the program. These are parents that would prefer a more traditional style of learning, books, study, etc.  With that said, we LOVED the program!

So now... is it worth the cost? Let's take a look at the cost! There are 2 options, the DVD option or the Web Based Membership. The Web Based membership is the most cost effective.

Web Based Membership includes:

Access to all 300 sessions, including the accompanying pdf's.

You can pay in one payment of $85.95, which works out to $7.16 a month.

( A 50% savings)


You can pay $14.95 a  month.

Or if you feel the having a DVD is a better option, here is some of the options:

There are many options, you can buy "activity packages" or "value packages" that include several activity packages and song books.

Activity Packages sell for and include:

Activity Package 1

Lessons 1-5
1 - Instructional DVD
1 - Activity E-Book
1 - Activity Audio CD

In Stock
Price $38.45

**And below you find pricing for the largest value package. This is the best value, but there are smaller ones available.

Bonus Year 1

Lessons 1-30
6 - Instructional DVDs
6 - Activity E-Books
6 - Activity Audio CDs
Patriotic, Everyday, Hymns and Christmas Songbook Package
4 - E-Songbooks
4 - Corresponding Audio CDs

In Stock


Save $100.05
Price $217.75

If you have a preschooler and are interested in teaching them music, Kinderbach is a great option. Please visit their website for more information!

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