Saturday, January 24, 2009

Molly's Money Saving Digest Febraury 2009

As part of the Homeschool Crew, I was able to preview the February Edition of "Molly's Money Saving Digest". Have you met Molly Green yet? She is the newest edition to The Old Schoolhouse.

I first heard about Molly earlier this month, when a group of friends were discussing how to live on the cheap. One mom, mentioned Molly Green and  When I checked out the website, I was impressed! And I purchased the January 2009 Edition of Molly's Money Savings Digest on the Spot!

As homeschooling families, most of us have become very good at stretching one income, (for most of us), to not only cover family needs, but include our homeschool budget as well.

Include now, that the economy is so "scary". Now, the Lord did not give us a spirit of fear. So, that is why I put scary in quotes. We are to not live in fear, however, when we look around today, there is an air of uneasiness.

I had been doing a search on the internet, I wanted to find information on the Great Depression and World War II.  Knowing full well, that the wives and mothers of that era, knew how to stretch everything they had. However, my search was quit fruitless to my disapointment.

However, in Molly's Money Saving Digest, February 2009, there is a great article by, Lisa Vitello on this very topic. Thank you Lisa for an awesome article! It is not simply historical, there are everyday ideas for each of us. And what she teaches is us, is that really it is a way of thinking, not just a 3 step process!

There is also an awesome article on Homemade Cleaners, that are both non toxic, and cheap!  Garden basics, coupon organization, decorating on a shoestring, what;s on sale this month and recipes, just to name a few of the wonderful things you will learn this month.

This edition is being touted as a "huge" edition, and let me tell you it is! And I LOVED every word of it. This is the kind of E-book, that you will not be sorry you purchased! The articles are fabulous and the down to earth, help given to the beginner or even the veteran homemaker are priceless!

When you find Molly's Money Saving Digest February 2009 on the "shelf", don't pass it by, toss it right in your shopping cart! You will not be sorry!

Happy Homemaking!!!!

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