Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Old Schoolhouse Digital Magazine Turns a Year Old !!

Happy 1stAnniversary to the Digital Edition of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine!!!

In honor of their Anniversary, instead of receiving gifts, TOS is giving them to YOU!!!!!! Click here to see how you can get a great discount on the already affordable subscription price, plus order today and also receive 5 FREE E-books! As time goes on, the price goes up, and the number of E-books goes down, so order yours today!!!!

Are you asking yourself, so what it the Digital Issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Please allow me to share with you, my thoughts.......

I am a long time subscriber to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I have been promoting TOS, from the moment I recieved my first edition! The paper edition.  I had heard they had a digital edition, but, to be quite honest, I had NO INTEREST! Afterall, I have a current (actually my subscription doesn't expire until 2013!) subscription, so why in the world would I want a digital subscription.

However, I have subscribed to the digital edition, and you know what, I LOVE it!!!!  I was expecting to look like the email newsletters that we get from TOS, you "The Homeschool Minute", but alas, it looks JUST LIKE THE PRINT EDITION!!  It is so crazy cool, that is like reading the paper edition! The pages even "turn"!  You have the ability to change your viewing options!  You can view them in a single page layout or two page. You can "turn" the pages, or view as thumbnails!  One of my favorite features is you have the ability to email an article to a friend! Or you can add it to your blog.....

I have found myself many times telling my friend about a great article that was in TOS, now I can share it with them!

Let's be honest, times are hard! We can't all afford to go out and get a new subscription to a magazine, however, with the digital edition of TOS, you have the best of both worlds. The Homeschool support that we really do need! And it is affordable to boot! You really can't go wrong! And if you subscribe today, you can get a year subscription for $10.95 and 5 E-books! Won't you subscribe today??

Happy Homeschooling!!!!


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