Friday, September 2, 2011

Homeschooling through High School for FREE or Close to it!!!!

We are beginning our 12th year of homeschooling. I think out of all those years, we have only had 1 year where I felt like I spent a chunk of money. However, the rest of the years, I had little or no money/budget for homeschooling. Many years we actually did not spend any money at all. Yet, we have been able to homeschool our children well.

This year, I have 4 high schoolers, and I anticipated spending about $1000 to get all the curriculum I wanted to get for them to cover the subjects they need.

However, once again, I have not had to spend that. God has been so faithful in providing.



So first, I headed over to our homeschool group's lending library.  We have access to a library of curriculum that we can check out for free and keep all year long.I was able to check out many of the books that the kids needed with just a few gaps.




One of the areas I was lacking was math. And lo and behold I have faithful friends who are allowing me to borrow their Algebra 1 and Geometry curriculum!



In addition to these books, I also used some items that were left over from previous TOS Homeschool Crew years. Our family has been very blessed by the time I have worked on the Crew. I am so very thankful for the opportunity to work to help provide for my children's education.




And one item that I am using that I purchased about 6 years ago, is Sequential Spelling...



**Note**I have found that the homeschool community, as a whole, is a very generous one. If you are looking for a piece of curriculum, as the homeschoolers you know. If they have it, I believe that in most cases, they will let you borrow it, or sell it to you for a very affordable price!

Now with all of that... I was still coming up short with a few things.  So I went on the prowl! And thanks to some of my crew mates, who shared some websites I have never heard of before, I was able to put together the rest of the children's curriculum. And what I learned is that, even if all of these wonderful books did not materialize, I would have been able to use these online resources to teach them for FREE!

I was so pleased to learn that there are major universities that are offering free online classes. Now, I may not actually want my children to take some of these classes, but some of them look very good.

This link is from Yale University. -   Open Yale

This is for classes from MIT - MIT Open Courseware

Hippocampus -  Offers multimedia lessons and course materials to help you with your instruction.

Homeschool College USA - full line of free curriculum resources, that will not only get your child ready for graduation, in some cases they will prepare them for CLEP testing.


Free Sources for the Self-Directed Scholar

While these are just  a few links, you will find that these are a clearing house of resources. I found math courses, language courses, social studies and science courses.  Take some time and peruse these sites and see if you can supplement your curriculum, or perhaps use these resources as your curriculum.  What's great is I found some free text, and then video lessons to go along with them.

Have a great homeschool year!


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