Friday, November 7, 2008

Amusing Mathematics

   If  you are anything like me, you do not think Mathematics is Amuzing. Math has never been a favorite subject of mine.  Well, the fine people of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine have put together a very handy resource!

  Recently I told you about the Schoolhouse Planner, which in of itself is a wonderful resource. However, in addition the to initial planner, they have come out with monthly modules.  Each and every one are jam packed with useful ideas and tools. And this month is no different...  November Module Amusing Mathematics.

   I have mentioned in previous posts that I am a bit of an internet junky! Considering, money is often tight around our house, I am always looking for free or close to it resources. What I love about this module, is it has already done the research for me! I like that!

   There are great links to fun activites for the kids. You can color and cut our your own math manipulatives, such as, tangrams, pattern blocks, etc...

   And what kid doesn't like to impress their parents or friends with tricks or new skills they have. Well, listed in the November Module, they have Math Magic, and Math Jokes and Riddles. Now if that isn't making math "amusing" ... impressive!!! 

   You will also find,  coloring sheets, recipes, and word searches.  Soduku, math minute pages for addition and multiplication and a clock for learning how to tell time.  

    Just about anyone in your family will find something of interest ans fun in this handy module. Click here to order this great resource for a tiny price tag of $7.95!

Have a  Happy Homeschooling Day!!!!!



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