Monday, November 24, 2008

Feasting Families

  Right now we are running around trying to get everything done for the family that is coming over on Thursday. It is easy to get swept up and forget the reason for being thankful.  Jesus Christ. Not only do we have the gift of Salvation, by grace, through Jesus Christ. But, He sees fit to bless us throughout our lives. We are not worthy!         

    Our Homeschool Group Family gathered on Saturday for our Annual Family Feast. This tradition has been a long held family favorite, among the group. The Lord granted us, perfect weather. In our area, we typically have a lot of wind, however, Saturday, there was just a very gentle breeze. The trees were half filled with leaves of a variety of colors. Our host, has a wonderful piece of land, that God has graced them with.  The front yard was filled with many tables arranged throughout the yard.

   The food and fellowship was quite simply wonderful.  My husband and I sat and spoke with a couple, the mom, I had only met once before, briefly at a "Mom's Night Out" . They have homeschooled their kids for 17 years. 3 have finished school, and 3 more still schooling at home. It was so nice for my husband, and myself for that matter, to share our experiences  with this family. My husband was able to walk away from that encounter feeling like, "Hey, we are not alone. Others do it like we do too!!"

    That was good for him. As the bread winner in our family ,he is not often able to just visit with other homeschoolers. So this was a really nice event for him.

  I walked away from our feast full of great food! That each family brought to share! And with the feeling of gratitude, to be able to gather with like minded Christian Homeschoolers, who put Christ first. And who put raising their children for Christ and serving Him and bringing Him glory in all we do a high priority. I  love homeschoolers! They are awesome people!!!  Thank you Lord for blessing us with so very much.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!


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