Saturday, November 1, 2008

Homeschooling ABC's by, Knowledge Quest

     As the leader of our local homeschool group, I have spent many hours speaking with new homeschoolers, who are filled with questions!  Questions like:  Can I really homeschool? How can I do it all?  How do I pull them out of the school? What do I use to teach them? Will they have friends? I could go on and on!!

   As part of "The Homeschool Crew" we were fortunate enough to have been ableto preview Homeschooling ABC's by, Knowledge Quest. What is it? It is a 26 week class put on by the wonderful people of Knowledge Quest! You will receive one lesson per week for 26 weeks. The lessons, are in small enough chunks not to overwhelm a new homeschooler. Yet meaty enough, to be of real value! At a cost of $10 a month, it is well worth the price!

    I have been homeschooling for 9 years, so I would fall into the veteran category.  So this is not something I would purchase on my own. Let me tell you, I have LOVED it!

  I love this product on many levels. As a homeschool group leader, this will be a wonderful resource for our new families. This class will answer so many of the questions I usually answer on the phone, or at the park. Now they will have a resource, that not only answers those initial  questions, but so many more.  Here are the titles of the first 8 lessons:

1) A Quick Start

2) Let's Begin with the Basics

3) Copy the Classroom-NOT

4) Dare to Differentiate

5) Establish YOUR Philosophy of Education

6) Finding the Best Curriculum for Your Family

7) Get Together- Networking with Other Homeschoolers

8) Hands-On Learning for Greater Retention

As you see, in the first 8 lessons, Terri Johnson of Knowledge Quest covers a great deal of material!!!

But, what is amazing, I have been riveted to the lessons. I have been feeling inspired and reminded of all the wonderful reasons why I homeschool! Yes, even veteran homeschoolers need that encouragement. 

I look forward to taking the rest of this class! It is an awesome resource! Thank you Terri, for creating a product that was lacking in the homeschool community! This product reallydoes meet a need that at this point, had not been met!

Have a Happy Homeschooling Day!!


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  1. I've been homeschooling for as long as you have, and I'm also finding that I'm gleaning much from this "review." It is well-put together, and it is an encouragement as well.