Sunday, November 30, 2008

Time 4 Learning part 2

The second installment of this series on Time 4 Learning, has taken a bit longer than I would have hoped to put up. We have been battling illness in our house. So I apologize for the delay.

 As promised I have logged on one of my special needs kids to Time 4 Learning. This particular child is my most severe special needs learner. In some ways over the years, I have given up hope on how far he will actually be able to go.

  When you start with Time 4 Learning, you  set up the profile for each child, specific to their level. Even if their Math and Language Arts are not on the same grade level. This is a big benefit in my eyes! As none of my children fit into the predetermined cookie cutters.

   So, we got him started, and he has loved it. He has actually been doing very well with it. As of right now, we have spent all of his time in the Language Arts section, this has been an area of weakness.

  He has been able to complete the activities given to him, and he even was able to read a book, on his own. One of the neat features it had was, if there was a word he did not know, he was able to click on it, and the computer would read it aloud for him.

   He has enjoyed his time on Time 4 Learning, so much that he asks me to do his computer work all day long! This is not typical for him!

  Thank you Time 4 Learning, for opeing my eyes to this kind of learning. As I continue to work with my children, throughout the month of December, I will share again.

  I will include pricing and other information in future entries. In the meantime, please vist for more information!

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