Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tales of Glory Nativity Set, by One2Believe

As part of The Homeschool Crew, we were fortunate enough to receive the "Tales of Glory Nativity Set" from the kind people of One2Believe.

Now, I have to tell you, that this is not a product that I would have purchased on my own. My children are older, 9 and up.  However, my 9 year old, was thrilled when this package arrived. She has played non-stop with this wonderful playset!  You see, we have 2 other Nativity Sets we bring out during the Christmas season, and her eyes, have always dreamed of having those little figures in her little hands. However, they are all breakable, so she cannot play with them.

That is where this wonderful playset comes in! She has been playing to her hearts desire!  She has been using her bible felt set, with this play set and quite literally plays for hours!

If you have small children I would highly recommend this product. It comes with a mini book with the story of our Lord's birth. The other neat thing that was included was a paper with "Spiritual Stepping Stones". It talks to parents about general spiritual development of kids. At what age they are ready for what level of faith or belief. This would be very helpful, especially for new Christians or young parents!

This is a wonderful tool to integrate Jesus Christ into a childs every day life!

Let me be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas!!! And Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

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