Thursday, June 23, 2011

Freebie Fridays!!! Language Arts

Surely curriculum is on the mind of most homeschoolers. We are anticpating the needs of our students for the upcoming year, we are looking at our pocket book and figuring what we can afford. And for many of us, we are working on a limited budget.

Thankfully, there are amazing websites available that provide curriculum or activities that are free for your student to use and learn from!

Today we are gong to cover Language Arts. All ages are represented below, take a look and see what treasures you can find!  My prayer is that you will use this list to inspire you to search out free resources of your own. If you find something great, please come back and share it in the comments!

Happy Homeschooling!


Free Books

This is a booklist that was actually created for the Robinson Curriculum, however, it is a list that puts the books in "grade" levels. So it is helpful, if you are unsure of what age a book is for. Most of these books are classics.

Free downloadable G.A. Henty books


Free Grammar Lessons

Free grammar program for Middle and High Schoolers

Short movies on various topics.. not limited to Language Arts!

Sent free to your email daily with quiz on Saturday, Daily Grammar is a fun supplement to learning parts of speech

language arts lesson plans and activities. A very extensive list


Free Spelling and Handwriting

Free online Spelling program!

Online FREE Handwriting and Reading workbooks. Grades 1-6


Free Phonics Programs

FREE Phonics program

Progressive Phonics - Free phonics program. Also good for reading recovery.








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