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My Southern Young Living Mondays: Di Gize and Pan Away

Before you continue, if you have not read my post on the Science of Essential Oils, please head over there now, and then come back here!

My plan is to cover a couple of oils each week, explain what the books tell you they are good for, and if they are oils we have used in my family, I will share with you we have used them!

I am going to start with oils that we use and depend on! 

The first oil I am going to share about it Di-Gize

Di Gize

•Blend of Tarragon, Ginger, Juniper, anise, Fennel, Patchouli, Peppermint, and Lemongrass essential oils

•Relieves digestive problems including digestion, heartburn, and bloating. Combats candida and parasite infestation.

•Uses- Great for stomach ailments, digestion issues, constipation, heartburn, IBS, diarrhea, food poisoning.

•All the oils in Di-Gize are anti-septic and can be used on cuts and other minor injuries.

Tarragon is antiseptic and combats intestinal parasites and urinary tract infection. It is antipasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, and prevents fermentation.

Ginger has been traditionally used to combat nausea and gastro-intestinal fermentation. It is antispamodic and antiseptic and combats indigestion.

Juniper works as a pwerful detoxifier and cleanser and amplifies kidney function

Anise is antispasmodic, antiseptic, stimulates and increases bile flow. Combats spastic colitis, indigestion, and intestinal pain.

Fennel: is antiseptic and stimulating to the gastrointestinal system. It is antispasmodic, antiseptic, and used for flatulence and nausea. It promotes digestion and prevents fermentation.

Patchouli: Powerful digestive aid that combats nausea.

Peppermint: Most highly regarded herb for improving digestion and combating parasites. It relaxes the smooth muscles of the intestinal tract and promotes peristalsis. It kills bacteria, yeasts, fungi and mold.

Lemongrass: Powerful antifungal properties. It is vasodilating, antiinflammatory and improves digestion.

Peppermint Anti-infectious, antibacterial, antifungal, is also a pain reliever, expectorant and anti-inflammatory for the intestinal and urinary tract.

Now my testimony with DiGize, is that I suffered with IBS for several years. I was sick for so long, that I dropped 60 pounds, and was extremely anemic... like 5.0 was my level and normal is between 12.0 and 15.0.

I changed my diet which helped me a great deal. However, I was still sick, and had fear of getting sick. So at any sign of an uneasy stomach, I was taking over the counter stomach aids. When I bought my first bottle of Young Living Essential Oils DiGize, I literally replaced all of those over the counter meds with the Di Gize. I was probably taking it both internally and topically, up to 10 times a day, everyday.  That slowly became, a couple times a day, then once a day, to a few times a week, to weekly... and now, I simply carry DiGize with me in case of a flair up. But I also keep it on hand for my kids. If they have indigestion, nausea, heartburn, anything, Di Gize will combat it. You simply rub DiGize over the area you are feeling ill, and it will subside, within minutes!  This is a must have for any families medicine cabinet!

The next oil we are going to discuss is the blend Pan Away.


Pan Away- Reduces pain and inflammation, increases circulation, accelerates healing. Relieves swellin and discomfort from arthritis, sprains, muscle spasms, cramps, bumps and bruises.

1.  Helichrysum is a powerful anesthetic and analgesic. It quenches pain and inflammation and reduces muscle spasms.

2.  Wintergreen is strongly anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. It is analgesic and reduces pain.

3.  Clove is used in the dental industry to numb the gum and kill pain. It is the most antimicrobial and antiseptic of all essential oils.

4.  Peppermint has powerful pain-blocking, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic properties. The University of Kiel in Germany found that peppermint oil had a significant analgesic effect.


Pan Away is one of our favorite oils. We have used Pan Away for headaches, sports injuries and soreness, general fatigue... anytime we have pain!  However recently, we actually used it to stop bleeding. I was out of town a few months ago, and I received a phone call that my son had a bloody nose for about 45 minutes. They were ready to take him to the ER. I asked them to wait just a bit, to see if we could get it to stop without going to the ER. Helichrysum stops bleeding, however, I did not have any at the house. So I had them use Pan Away, since Helichrysum is in Pan Away. At this point my son was laying on the couch, each time he sat up his nose would gush... I had them put 1 drop of Pan Away in each nostril. He laid down for about 5 minutes... we had him sit up, and guess what... no bleeding! And the bleeding never returned! I love when the affects of the Young Living Essential Oils are so evident!

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DISCLAIMER: The content of this article is solely for educational purposes.  It is not meant to diagnose, treat or mitigate any health condition.  As always you should consult the health professional of your choice for specific health information. The author, products mentioned or Young Living is not responsible for its mis-use.


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