Monday, June 27, 2011

Graphics Toolbox Tuesdays - Money Math

Hello everyone! Welcome to another edition of Graphics Toolbox Tuesdays. Once again, my goal today, is to show you simple projects that you can create using Graphic Toolbox to educate your children.

This week's project is about money! You can use Graphics Toolbox to teach your child all about money. Many children learn better when they use manipulatives. You can use Graphics Toolbox in that capacity as well.

I created a simple sheet and called it "Know Your Money", using images of US Dollars and Coins.  You can see the sheet here...



Now from here you can take this into a couple of different directions.  In the first example, I simply typed in dollar amounts... shown here...



You can now have your student use the framing tool, and frame out the appropriate currency and place it under the amount listed.


In this following example I used photos of items in our home...


First, I imported them into Graphics Toolbox, then I had some fun and created a cute frame, and then I created a price tag for each item. In just a few steps I was able to create the tag with the string. Now, depending on the age and skill level of your child, you the parent can create the pictures. However, Graphics Toolbox is very user friendly, and after a little bit of practice, your child will be able to create the photos themselves.

Here is what a completed sheet would look like..



This gives them the manipulation skills they need to help make their learning concrete, while also using this simple money lesson to teach them technology skills for their future. As you can see from these illustrations, you can adapt the projects to meet the needs and abilities of  your students.

You can learn more about Graphics Toolbox by visiting this page. And by visiting their website.  You can also watch a video about it here....[youtube][/youtube]


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