Monday, June 27, 2011

My Southern Young Living Mondays: Everyday Uses!

Welcome to My Southern Young Living Mondays! Each week I am going to be sharing with you how you can use Young Living Essential Oils in your everyday life!

Before we get into today's post, you should hop on over to my Young Living Page and then to my Science of Young Living Essential Oils post. By visiting these posts you will get a better understanding on how Young Living Essential Oils are used and why they work!

The information I share here, I either have gathered from personal use within my own family, or from books that are available, that are designed to teach you how to use each of the  Essential Oils.  You can find these books by visiting the  Life Science website.

Today, instead of just picking a couple of oils and spotlighting them, I going to look at some of the oils we have used in our home over the last week, and explain how we used them.  

This last week, the men in our home headed out for the Men and Boys Campout with our church. We planned and packed.. however, we did not send them with any oils! OH NO!  So needless to say, they came home with BUG BITES! Yuck!  What should we do? We got out the bottle of Young Living Purification Essential Oil Blend.

Purification has Citronella, Lemongrass, Lavandin, Rosemary, Melaleuca and Myrtle and Essential Oils.  Purification can be used to neutralize  odors, as well as to clean cuts, scrapes and bites.

So, we dabbed a bit of Purification on each bite. The itching was abated, and the healing has been accelerated.


Peppermint- I often said that Peppermint Oil is my favorite oil. One of the reasons, is because this oil is so very versatile.  You can use Peppermint for headaches, muscle aches, indigestion or stomach problems, toothaches and more!

At this point, I think that I need to share with you that before I started using Young Living Essential oils, I was a over the counter pill popper! I loved my ibuprofen! I HATE to be uncomfortable, and I HATE to be sick! So please understand that when I tell you that I am now using an oil to handle an ailment, then that oil has worked for me, and worked well!

When I use the Peppermint Oil on my head, across my hair line, I am amazed that within about 15 seconds ( if that) my headache is GONE!  My children have also used Peppermint to help them with muscle soreness after sports. I have used it in a pinch for heartburn, simply dabbed some on my neck and throat area... and I immediately experience cooling!


RC and Lavender are the two oils we use to work with my son's asthma. He has exercise induced asthma. So prior to his activity, he will put both of these oils on his chest and under his nose. And then when he is ready to be active, he puts both of those oils on his wrist pulse points. While he is active, if he feels that he needs an 'inhaler' he simply smells his wrists. Taking deep breaths, and he is able to continue with his activity without the need of his inhaler.

Please consult with your health care practitioner prior to starting any new health regimen.

RC is a blend of several eucalyptus oils, myrtle,spruce,peppermint,pine, lavender,marjoram and cypress.

As you  can see my family uses Young Living Essential Oils everyday, for many different ailments and injuries. Keep coming back every Monday and learn how you can use Young Living Essential Oils with your family!

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DISCLAIMER: The content of this article is solely for educational purposes.  It is not meant to diagnose, treat or mitigate any health condition.  As always you should consult the health professional of your choice for specific health information. The author, products mentioned or Young Living is not responsible for its mis-use.



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