Monday, June 20, 2011

Graphics Toolbox Tuesdays: Special Education

Today, I am hoping that what I share with you, will inspire you far beyond my examples!

When you have special needs children, often times you will have an older child who will need some extra help. However, the products on the market are geared for younger children. Here I would like to show you how you can create the support materials your student needs, while tailoring it to their unique likes and interests... and age!

First we are going to look at  " What's Wrong with this photo!"

Now, there are a couple of ways to do this. What I did was first I used google images, and found two images of sports players in action.

I then located several balls from different sports. I then framed out one of the balls, in this case first, the baseball and then the football, and placed them in the photo, over the original ball.

So you see the soccer player is kicking a baseball, and the baseball player is throwing a football. What you see here, is several balls, where the child can simply frame out the ball and place it in the correct place. However, if your child is capable, you can have them locate a picture on the internet, or from a family picture, that would be the correct ball for the photo, and then have them place it.

By doing this you are giving your child several skills. They are getting the support they need, however, they also are learning a technological skill, that would not be present if you simply used flash cards.

Now, here is one other example..

Now here they are trying to discern the photo that does not belong with the others. Again, I found these images on google images for free. Placed them in a row... Now the child will need to figure out which photo does not belong. In this instance, I gave the direction of going to find an appropriate photo to put in it's place, by using the internet, or family photo. You, however, can also decide to place several photos for them to choose from, right on the page, and have them place on of those correctly.

That is the beauty of Graphics Toolbox, you can tailor it to fit your children's needs and interests. For more educational ideas, please visit Great Software Tools today!

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Thank you for stopping by! Happy creating!

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