Thursday, July 28, 2011

Creating Thirst Thursdays: Being an Example

What is that saying, "Do as I say, not as I do!"  Is that how things are in your home? I hope not!!! When we find ourselves in a place where we are asking our children to live a certain life style, or live up to a certain standard, yet, we are unable to maintain that standard, what kind of message do you think we are sending to our children?  One that comes to mind, is that we are a hypocrite!

A homeschool mom once shared this quote with me, " Our children are our little mirrors. Reflecting back to us all WE need to work on."  Whether you are homeschooling or not, I think that statement is so true! I have found many times in my parenting, I will be correcting my children, and I am convicted that I too, struggle in that same area. I, often times, talk to God and say... 'Okay God, I get it, I see what you are showing me.. or teaching me right now".

But our children live with us, day in and day out, often times they know, even before we do, where we struggle, and where we soar!  So, when we find ourselves, in that position, being confronted with the mirror of our imperfection, what are we to do? I say, humble yourself before your children. Let them know, that you too, are a sinner saved by Grace, and that you too, need God's help to overcome. And that you know that through Him all things are possible.

Do you realize the connection you will have made with your child by doing that?

How about when you fail? Your children watch you as you fail, they watch you as you have been given too much change back, or when someone as wronged you. How do you respond in those situations? Are taking everything to the throne of God, and bathing those situations in prayer?

I have often heard, that in many Christian families, they have a rule, no bible, no breakfast. And for many families, that has worked and given them the schedule they need in order to achieve their time in the Word each and everyday. However, I have also heard many parents, who purpose to read their bible right when they wake up in the morning, before the kids are awake, while it's quiet. I have done that. But not everyday. There are many reasons for that. But one of them is, I want my children, to SEE me read my bible. I want them to see that God's Word is important to their mother. And that it's not just something I talk about.

How about you? How are you purposing to be an example to your children? I would love to hear about it! On Father's Day our church shared this video.  While it's intended audience are Father's. I believe that it speaks to Mother's as well. Take a moment to watch this video... you will be touched, I am sure.



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