Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Southern Young Living Mondays: Peppermint

Do you find yourself having trouble staying alert? Do you have digestive issues? Or chronic or periodic headaches?

Let me introduce you to Young Living's Peppermint Essential Oil and all it can do for you!

As homeschoolers, we can utilize peppermint’s ability to  improve concentration and mental accuracy.

Place two drops on the tongue to improve concentration,  alertness, memory and focus. You can even rub some on the bottoms of your feet to help you stay alert!

Peppermint is anti-infectious, antibacterial, antifungal, is also a pain reliever, expectorant and anti-inflammatory for the intestinal and urinary tract.

It has been used with success for digestive problems, fever, heartburn, headaches, respiratory infections toothaches and much more.

Add to herbal tea to aid digestion. Rub on stomach when queazy. Can be added to hot water or massaged on stomach to support normal digestion.

Applied to the bottom of feet or on temples for headaches. and it is wonderful for soothing sore muscles.

Spray on plants to deter aphids and you can add it to some water and spray it to kill ants, or if you know where the ants are coming from, simply put a drop on a cotton ball and place, and they will not return!

Peppermint is one of my go to oils. I personally use it for headaches, on a simi-regular headaches. My once daily migraines are now happening less than once  a week, perhaps 2 or 3 times a month. However, they do not progress into migraines, because peppermint zaps it before it has the chance!

I also use it on my wrist pulse points for heartburn and indigestion. I also use it right on my stomach if we have a bit of a queasy stomach.

My athletic children, often use peppermint for their sore muscles after playing sports. It relieves the pain almost instantly! Young Living Peppermint Oil is something you will want to have in your arsenal!

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DISCLAIMER: The content of this article is solely for educational purposes.  It is not meant to diagnose, treat or mitigate any health condition.  As always you should consult the health professional of your choice for specific health information. The author, products mentioned or Young Living is not responsible for its mis-use.

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