Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Graphics Toolbox Tuesdays: Photo Editing

We have all taken the photos that we wish were just a little better. That happened last week for me.

My kids went to camp, and we took our Annual picture in the front yard. We were running late, so we really did not have time for a 'do over' picture.  The kids looked fabulous, but just as I snapped, I noticed that our neighbors family walked behind the kids, and ultimately ended up in the shot.  Here is the photo below.....


Now the photo isn't horrible, I just wish we did not have background people. However, with Graphics Toolbox, I don't have to just live with that picture.... I can take those people out!

And that is exactly what I did!


With a few simple steps.. I was able to wash those background people right out of the picture!  By using the cloning tool, I was able to extend the bushes that are behind the walking people. As well as the street and curb.

While I was at it, I thought I would touch up the grass. I took a shadow on both the bottom right and left hand corners.  And along the left hand side, I also touched up a dead patch of grass ( near my daughters elbow). So now it looks like a lovely green lawn!

So after just a few moments, I now have the photo I wanted! showcasing, my wonderful children!

Our family has enjoyed using Graphics Toolbox for so many different types of projects. From educational, to crafting, to photo editing.. and much more! Keeping checking in here, for more projects, small and large..

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Here you can see another one of our short videos showcasing some of the features you will have at your fingertips with Graphics Toolbox.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at jennifer@greatsoftwaretools.com

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